About Us

Hello. Welcome to CM Agile!

We are a group of Full Stack Developers & Software engineers with a passion for Technology. Our passion for the industry we work in is never-ending, we are always eager to learn new skills and enhance our development abilities – no matter how small.

Why We Created This Platform?

Gamers are often obsessed with the technicalities of gameplay. Anything that can give them an edge over their competition. Hence, these days passionate gamers tend to go extreme when it comes to gaming peripherals. 

Gaming mice and keyboards are designed to provide higher performance than average peripherals. However, a few years ago when one of us first purchased my advanced gaming mouse and keyboard, I was not able to test what actually made them better than average. 

So, I & my fellows decided to create a platform that could help gamers test the real abilities of these devices. Hence, we developed this website and started working on various tools that will enable gamers to test the true potential of their gaming equipment. 

Although the most developed tool on our website is CPS tester, which obviously is also the most required one by any gamer, we have also focused on developing other tools which gamers may find intriguing. 

The Real Reason Behind Developing These Tools

On this website, you will find numerous tools that will help you calculate multiple aspects. These tools or counters, while on one hand do provide you analytics of your devices, on the other also a test of the gamer’s personal abilities.

After developing the basic tools, we started competing with each other to see who could click their mouse faster within one minute, or who could press the spacebar key more in 60 seconds to check the maximum abilities of the devices and our reflexes.

As the competition grew, new ideas came which allowed us to test other gaming aspects of gaming. Hence, while testing these technical gaming abilities, we were able to create our own games in which we could compete with one another.

Our Goal

We aim to bring ease and convenience to the lives of gamers by providing them with various tools, counters, and converters that can translate their device’s abilities to them.

These tools will help gamers analyze the full potential of their devices as well as their personal potential. Our goal is also to use these tools as mini-games that will allow users to compete with one another.

Also, these tools are here to help gamers convert the settings of one game to another, so they know how one game differs from the other in terms of mouse sensitivity, aiming reflexes, and click speed.

We will keep developing more tools and also adding more games to our tools database. Our aim is to make tools that are supported by all games and provide a hassle-free analysis to the gamers community. 

If there is anything you need, We will be happy to help the community we can. Thanks!


CM Agile.