Click Counter – An Ultimate Tool for Counting Clicks Online

There’s nothing better than counting the clicks when you have to kill your boredom or count some clicks. For that purpose, our Click Counter tool would act as a savior for you.


That said, let’s start with How to Guide:

How to Use the Click Counter Tool:

It’s extremely simple.

  • First of all, there are two buttons visible.
  • The first one is the “+” button highlighted with Green color
  • The second one is “-” and it’s highlighted by gray color.
  • Moreover, the white box represents the number of clicks counted.
  • Finally, there is an “x” button available on the top right corner as well.

Function of Plus“+” Button:

The Plus Button has a primary function. By clicking it, the tool will start counting your clicks.

You can click the button as much as you want and all the counting will be happening in front of your eyes in the white box.

Function of Minus“-” Button:

The “-” or gray button works as click subtracting. That is, if you press it, the number of clicks will start decreasing until it hits 0 or can go in minus too.

Function of Cross “x” Button:

The “x” button is there to reset the click counter to the value of 0. You can use the button to reset the click counts and start from scratch especially if you are challenging your friend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click counter is the tool used to keep track of the number of times you click your mouse. The tool is quite easy to use as the Plus (+) button available on it is used to count clicks and the Minus (–) button is available to deduct the counts. Finally, the Cross (x) button is also there to help you reset the total click counts.

Well, it is evident that the tool helps you to count the number of clicks. You can also try this tool to challenge your clicking reflexes with your friends and family.

Some Last Words:

Click counter is a simple yet intuitive tool, which helps you to count the number of times you’ve clicked on the screen. You can also try jitter clicking test on it to see how fast your clicking reflexes are.

For frequent use, Bookmark this tool page so that you can access it anytime you want.

Good Luck!!