Mouse Test Online – Buttons, Wheel, Drag & Scroll

Here, we present to you our mouse test online tool for checking the functionality of your mouse.

With the increasing use of technology these days, hardware problems have become a thing of the day. And finding yourself in such a situation can be really frustrating. The most used devices these days are smartphones and laptops. But for certain activities, like gaming, additional accessories are required. But these accessories may operate differently depending on their build.

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One of the common accessories of this type is a computer mouse. Computer mice have a diverse variety these days. Most are for normal use, whereas some are for gaming. No matter what type of mouse you have, it is a good idea to ensure its proper functionality before gaming use.

But how does one check the entire functionality of a mouse and be absolutely sure that it works? If that was your next question, then this online mouse test tool is the perfect answer to your question. This test has the ability to completely check your mouse’s functionality and ensure that it is good to go.

Mouse Test Online Tool

How Does It Work?

The app tool takes input from your active mouse and provides you with a graphical representation as a result. The test tool has the ability to check almost every button that today’s mice feature. No matter what type of mouse you have, all you need to do is connect it to your computer and start by pressing the buttons one by one.

An arrow on your screen will indicate whether your action was detected by the test tool or not. If an arrow does not show, it means that the corresponding button is faulty and needs to be repaired.

Main Features Of Mouse Test Online:

Below are the main features of the testing tool for mouse buttons & Scroll.

Mouse Primary Button Check:

It has the ability to check your mouse’s primary buttons, i.e., the left and right-click buttons. They are normally used in windows operations.

The buttons require only a single tap, one at a time, to be detected by the test tool. Which instantly gives you the output and conforms that your buttons are indeed functional.

Middle Mouse Button & Scrolling Check:

The testing tool can also check your middle mouse button and the scrolling wheel. Move your scrolling wheel up or down, and the corresponding arrows will be displayed on your screen, indicating the scroll. Similarly, tap the scroll wheel to check the middle mouse button’s functionality.

Additional Buttons Check:

The test tool also has the ability to check additional buttons, which the most advanced gaming mice provide. These buttons include side tab buttons, the DPI cycle buttons, the toggle scrolls, or any other button that a mouse provides.

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This test tool is able to detect every single one of these buttons. Just click a mouse button and get the results in an instant.


It is fully compatible with all types of pointing devices, including mice and touchpads. It works on the basis of the signal detected by the system, regardless of the input device used to interact with the system.

Easy to use:

The tool is run on a webpage, and also gives the output results within the webpage. There is no requirement of installing any host or software for the proper checkup. With that, it provides a very simple interface. The buttons on a mouse only need to be pressed once to get the results.

Troubleshooting Mouse/ FAQs:

If your mouse is not detected by your system entirely, or you are getting an error message from your system that your device has not been recognized. First, try unplugging the mouse and plugging it in again. If that does not fix the problem, then consider taking your mouse to a technician for a quick checkup.  If the hardware is working properly, then it may be a software issue.

If your mouse is not detected by the test tool but is detected by the system, then this may be caused by restricted access. Try to grant the test tool with full permission from the website. If it is still not being detected, then try checking the mouse driver and software for any issues.

If only some of the mouse keys are working but not all, then this may be due to two reasons.

Driver problem:

If only done if the nose buying is working, then one of the problems may be an incorrect or no driver installation. To confirm this, try to determine the position of the faulty buttons. If the primary buttons and the middle mouse buttons are working, then this may be a driver issue as only your additional buttons are not working. But if one of the primary buttons also does not work, then it may be a hardware issue.

Hardware problem:

The second reason why only some of your mouse buttons work may also be the hardware. If so, consider repairing the mouse or getting a new one entirely.

To do so, perform the necessary checks like there ones mentioned above, and also try testing it with this tool. If the mouse fails even one of these tests, then the mouse is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

If your mouse is faulty and you want to try some fixes on it, then the following methods might work.

  • Unplug and re-plug the USB cable.
  • Reinstalling the drivers
  • Resetting your mouse. (Can be done by unplugging, holding both mouse buttons for 10 seconds, and re-plugging your mouse in)

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