APM Test Game – Calculate Your Action Per Minute Reflexes

APM also known as “Action Per Minute” basically shows how active you are in a game and how good your reflexes are. In case you want to know what your APM rate is, then we’ve got something exciting for you in the form of an APM Test Game.

  • Slow Speed
  • Medium Speed
  • Fast Speed
  • Super Sonic Speed
Final Result

Just like our aim booster tool to practice aiming abilities, this APM test tool is what you’ll be needing to find out your APM and see whether you are faster than your fellow gamers or not.

How to Play APM Test – Actions Per Minute Game?

OK, so here we are going to discuss the method of playing this game. No matter, it is self-explanatory to some extent, but still, I’d try to sum up the whole procedure in a few lines.

So here we go:

  • Firstly, you have to choose the level of speed, from the slow, medium, fast, and super-fast, as per your preferences.
  • Then, scroll a little down and you’d see a ‘Start’ button. Hold on tight to your mouse, and press the key!
  • The APM game will start right away. All you have to do is to hit the target blocks, which are usually the colored ones.
  • Now you’ll see three counters running on the top. One of them shows the number of effective clicks, the other count those clicks, and the last one calculates the percentage of everything.
  • And when you are done, you will see a final report of your game, following a ‘Re-play’ button. So in case you want to make it even better, then click on that button!

So that is pretty much it! I hope you got the basic idea of how to use this APM test.

Having said that, this APM gaming test is mainly inspired by real-time strategy or fighting games like StarCraft and WarCraft. So if you are thinking of starting off with these high-end games, then better take this test before!

What is APM – Actions Per Minute?

This is a technical term used in the realm of gaming, and as a fact, many professional gamers out there have excelled in maintaining a good APM value, in order to be an expert in the game.

With that being said, the APM test is a test that highlights the gaming skills of a player – meaning, it helps a player discover how far he/she can make in an e-sport.

So without wasting another minute, let’s just carry on with this discussion in detail:

What Is Your APM Value?

Usually, the professional players have an APM value of around 250 or 300. That said, those who have more than 300 are next-level gamers, for sure! Because maintaining a high APM value is a real task.

Now if you are a beginner or just a random gamer exploring gaming hacks, then let me tell you that you might be undergoing the low actions per minute value. And that for sure is a big hurdle in your e-sport success.

The reason behind this is that you are not capable enough of making fast and quick moves and imply strategies in the game that you end up losing time. So that needs to be enhanced in the first place.

So with that said, if you want to figure out what exactly your APM value is, then take that APM test game. Down below is the detail of playing this fun and easy game, so that you can have a better idea of where you stand right now:

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Some Important Factors in APM Testing:

As we are approaching the end of this article, let me just add a little bit more about the APM test and its factors. Besides, make sure to keep an eye on the timer, because there is no point in the APM test when you’re not doing that in time.

With that aside, let’s see what other factors influence the APM test so that you can keep them in mind:


While taking this APM test, you must be sure about the accuracy of your clicks. In simple words, you must know where you’re hitting and that surely needs to be the target point.

Now you must be wondering how this is gonna help you in a game? Well, if you miss the target, or should I say your opponent, then is there anything left in the game?

Time Management:

Another important factor in APM gaming is time management. It happens sometimes in the game, that you get very little time to make any strategy for your next move. And that is only when the other player is inactive for an instance.

So you have to be really sharp!

Frequently Asked Questions

APM is an abbreviation of Actions Per Minute. This is a term used for analysing the moves of the player made in a single minute, which directly impacts his/her performance in the game.

This term is referred to mainly the real-time strategy, or fighting games because the players perform several actions in a minute while fighting and chasing others.

Many professional gamers have set calculated the APM value of their game for around 150 or 200. If the average actions per minute you are performing is around 2.5 or 3, then this is considered to be a good APM range.

200APM is quite rare and as per different researches, it’s the average rate of professional eSports players. However, this number is still achievable with more and more practice and experience.